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Located in Columbia, SC, Masella Law Firm, P.A. offers aggressive defense to those who have been charged for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They have been finding solutions for their clients since 1998 and continue to provide efficient legal service to the accused. Dedication is something that the team is defined by and their Columbia DUI lawyers are relentless in seeking successful outcomes. A DUI can come with many life altering effects and their firm looks to diminish this impact as much as possible.

They have worked extensively with the local courts and are familiar with the police stations that their clients encounter. They have a strong understanding of the state of New York's laws regarding drinking and driving and they implement this into finding successful out comes. There are many situations that their clients come to them with, including a second DUI and underage DUI. They get to know the individual and the situation that they are faced with. Whether a case is resolved through negotiations or it is taken to court, the firm offers the committed representation that is necessary to avoid a conviction or to reduce the charges. Their team has a personal devotion to protecting the rights of the accused and making sure that they are given a fair trial.

They treat every client with respect and their case is given the full attention it deserves. Their testimonials page offers information about what their clients have to say about them. You can also read the individual profiles to learn more about each attorney at the firm. When facing charges for drinking and driving, they are a firm that can be depended on. A conviction can lead to serious ramifications and they look to avoid these all together. Contact them for further information.

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