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Underage DUI in Texas

By The Martinez Law Firm  Jun. 3, 2011 3:45p

Texas has a zero tolerance policy in regards to underage drinking and driving. Statistically, a substantial amount of drunk driving accidents and fatalities are caused by underage drivers. For this reason, law enforcement cracks down hard on youth that drink and drive. If your son or daughter has been arrested for drinking and driving, it is essential that you retain legal representation from an experienced Houston DWI attorney at the onset of the investigation.

Unfortunately, all too often kids get behind the wheel and drive drunk, however, not all of them get caught. When a person under the age of 21 is convicted of drinking and driving, not only the drunk driver is penalized, the parents are often penalized as well. An underage DUI can put a wedge in your normal every day routine. If your son or daughter cannot afford to pay the fines imposed by the court, it’s usually the parents who have to fork over the dough. A lengthy license suspension will not only affect your child, but it will force you to take them to and from school, or to and from work. Sometimes the biggest out of pocket expense for parents, is the increased insurance premiums. A mother or father with a child who was convicted of an underage DWI sometimes have to pull double duty, as they drive their kids to school, to work, to extracurricular activities, all the while paying excessive insurance premiums once their child’s driver’s license is reinstated and managing their own lives. All the above can make juggling your life and work, while balancing your child’s life, complex.

Houston Underage DWI Lawyer

It should be apparent by now how inconvenient an underage DUI conviction for your child will be. A DUI arrest does not have to mean that your child will suffer all of the consequences of a conviction. If you hire a Houston underage DWI attorney, the chances of achieving a more positive or greater outcome in the DWI case against your child is far better than if you left it to the courts discretion. Contact a Huston underage DWI lawyer from The Martinez Law Firm without delay!

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