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If you were pulled over by a law enforcement officer and indicted with charges of DUI, you may be extremely frightened. Citations of DUI are always serious and should not be treated casually. That said, however, you do not need to be intimidated or unduly alarmed, because with the right attorney on your side, you could be facing a bright and hopeful future sooner than you thought was possible! Take action now and seek out the help you need from a Panama City criminal defense lawyer you can trust. The team here has dealt with first arrest cases and second convictions. They are well equipped to take on your case and support you, having assisted numerous other individuals who have been in situations much like yours. It is important that you receive trustworthy help as soon as possible following your charges, as potential DUI penalties can be extremely far-reaching and life-altering. A first arrest can result in such penalties as a $500 fine, half a year in jail, or a license suspension of 180 days. A second conviction is more serious and can incur much weightier consequences. For example, you could be charged a $2000 fine, compelled to serve 9 months of jail time, or lose your license for 5 years. Third convictions incur more steep penalties, including a fine of an amount between $2000 and $5000, a jail sentence from anywhere between one month to one year, or up to 10 years of license revocation. You could also have escalated insurance payments—or be required to have an ignition interlock device put into your vehicle. Whatever the details of your case may pertain to, you don't want DUI penalties following you around! Take the proactive approach and seek out the help and support you need without any further delay. Contact Virga Law Offices today.

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