Illinois DUI Facts

By Law Offices of Mitch Furman & Associates  Sep. 12, 2012 2:32p

According to the Illinois Secretary of State's Office, the average person who is convicted of a DUI in the state is a male under the age of 35, who is pulled over and eventually arrested by law enforcement between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. on a weekend and found to have twice the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration as measured on a breathalyzer test. Such a scenario can lead to deadly injuries and deaths in car crashes; in 2010, 436 individuals lost their lives in alcohol-related accidents in the state, accounting for close to half of all those who died in fatal accidents that year.

Further statistics reported by the Secretary of State show that 85 percent of those arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are first-time offenders. Of these drivers arrested, 92 percent lose their driver's license in a suspension. Young men, aged 21 to 24 are those with the highest DUI arrest rate, which is close to five times greater than all other Illinois drivers. Cook County leads all other Illinois counties in DUI arrests. A first-time DUI is charged as a Class A misdemeanor; conviction of this offense results in a one-year license suspension, suspension of vehicle registration, heavy financial consequences, alcohol and / or drug evaluation, counseling, or education, and possible jail time of up to one year.

DUI Defense in Chicago

As you can see by the above statistics, most DUI arrestees are first-time offenders. Those facing a possible DUI conviction often know little about the process, the consequences, or the criminal justice system in general. This can lead to stress, confusion, and the perception that nothing can be done about it. That is why it is vital that you seek professional legal help from an attorney who focuses on DUI defense; you need to learn where you stand, what legal, scientific, and technical facts and circumstances are involved, and how best to proceed.

The Law Offices of Mitch Furman provides experienced and dedicated legal assistance to those charged with an Illinois DUI. As a Chicago DUI attorney, Mr. Furman is an experienced trial lawyer who has effectively defended countless clients in all types of DUI cases. Get the detailed information and guidance you need about the particulars of your case so that you can make smart choices. Contact the firm to arrange for a free consultation to get started today.

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