What are my chances of getting a DUI dismissed ?

I was getting off from the fwy when the chp stopped me.

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If you want to dismiss DUI Charges on you, you should hire an expert DUI Attorney, because DUI is a serious case. But an expert DUI attorney can save you from getting into big trouble. For more information, You may visit: https://www.donhammondlaw.com
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There are many different defense strategies that can be used to fight DUI charges and the chances of succeeding will depend on several key factors. First and foremost, it is important to hire a lawyer who is highly experienced in DUI law and the methods for challenging breath and blood tests and field sobriety tests as well. Those are the methods that officers commonly use to determine a driver’s BAC content, and this evidence must be challenged to avoid a conviction. Once you have the legal support and guidance of a DWI attorney, you can prepare a compelling defense for your DMV hearing (which you must request within ten days of your arrest) to fight to avoid an automatic license suspension of six months or more. An attorney can accompany you to the hearing and present your case on your behalf. After the DMV hearing, you will also attend a courtroom hearing where a judge will assign you penalties. The severity of the penalties will depend on whether this is your first, second or third DUI and if there are extenuating circumstances. In order to fight your charges and succeed, your defense case must be carefully prepared and must address the reasons why you were arrested. Contacting a skilled DUI attorney is the best way to prepare a legally sound defense, and I recommend doing so sooner rather than later.
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If you were arrested for a DUI, then you will want to hire a DUI attorney to get started on your case right away. To answer your question, your DUI may be dismissed if there is a lack of evidence to prove that you are guilty of your crime, or if you can convince the court that you should not be punished for the offense. You will want a hardworking attorney on your side if you attempt to fight your DUI. You will need to consider a few crucial questions. First of all, were you drunk when you were pulled over? Second, were you given a blood or breath test? Third, what were the results of that blood or breath test? If you were BAC rendered above 0.08 percent, then you may be proven guilty of a DUI. You will want to inspect whether or not the breathalyzer used was defective or you may be able to prove that you were treated in a respectful and illegal manner by the police. If you were coerced or harmed by the law enforcement, this may be another element of your case which can get your offense dismissed. If there is no way to dismiss your offense, then you may be able to reduce it to a lesser offense. Is this your first DUI? If it is, and you know that you are guilty, then your attorney may be able to organize a plea bargain. This means that you will admit that you are guilty of your crime in exchange for a lesser charge or sentence. You may be able to avoid jail time or expensive fines and instead be told to serve your time in community service or by attending a DUI school. It is essential that you hire a reliable attorney if you want to battle your charges or negotiate with the prosecution. Contact a DUI lawyer near you today to discuss your case in more detail!

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