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Field Sobriety Tests in Phoenix

By Knowles Law Firm, PLC  Nov. 4, 2010 3:35p

In the process of determining if a driver is a hazard to the road because they are operation their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a law enforcement officer may request that a driver submit to several physical tests known as field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are designed to be able to test the balance, coordination, and mental faculties of a driver.

Any sober driver should supposedly be able to complete these tests without difficulty, while a driver who is intoxicated will not be able to pass the tests. While these tests can be effective in establishing probable cause for a law enforcement officer to arrest and charge an allegedly intoxicated driver for a DUI, in many cases these test results can be inaccurate if not blatantly wrong. A Phoenix DUI lawyer can help you in determining what your best options are as you proceed with your defense.

There are typically three types of field sobriety tests which officers use to test driver's abilities. The first test, the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), is used to observe a driver's eyes, which will supposedly shake and twitch during intoxication. The second test is called the Walk and Turn. A driver must walk several steps heel to toe in one direction, turn and do the same in the opposite direction. This test is used to determine the balance and mental coordination of a driver. The third is the One Leg Stand, which also tests for balance and mental coordination. Failing any of these tests can result in a DUI charge, despite the fact that many medical conditions and physical disabilities or ailments can affect the outcome.

DUI Attorney in Phoenix

If you or a loved one has been charged for a DUI as the result of a field sobriety test, an experienced attorney can help investigate the legitimacy of the test procedures used and the judgment of the arresting officer. At Knowles Law Firm, PLC we will dedicate our time to your case and ensure that every possible option is explored to build the most effective defense possible.

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