I am in the military and have been arrested for a DUI, should I hire an attorney?

After a long day my friends and I went to the bar to take a load off, I may have had too much to drink but I am positive I did not drive in any way that would compromise the safety of others. The officer said I ran a stop sign and that's why I was pulled over, but I am certain that there were no traffic violations at all. I am a high ranking officer in the military and I know that this sort of offense could demote me, if not get me kicked out all together. What do I do? Should I hire an attorney or try to fight myself?

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Let’s be honest, being arrested for DUI is not an ideal situation for anyone let alone an officer in the military. For those who are in the service the threat of a DUI conviction not only goes on their criminal record, but can also be a serious action that could lead to the loss of your ranking or even your position in the service. At Federal Practice Group, we have years of experience defending those in the service who are accused of a variety of crimes including DUI’s and we have seen that hiring someone to represent you is essential. The court martial takes offense very seriously when they are done by those who are called to represent the United States of America not only to the world but also to the people of our country. Because of that you will want to hire an attorney as soon as possible to help fight for you. It is not unheard of for officers to accused people of DUI’s after pulling them over without probable cause, and this may be a good starting ground for your defense and hopefully the dismissal of your case. Call an attorney today to start fighting, don’t wait!

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