Featured News 2019 How a DUI Attorney Might Help Your DUI Case

How a DUI Attorney Might Help Your DUI Case

After being charged for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you must face the trial process triggered by the accusation. Your first step should be contacting a DUI lawyer. Many people make the mistake of not hiring an attorney because they assume that the DUI trial process ends similarly for everyone. However, an attorney will fight to have your charges reduced or, in the best cases, dropped.

In many states, residents are given a 10-day window to fight the suspension of their license. This means that, if you want to protect your ability to drive during your court hearings, you should hire an attorney who will fight for you at the hearing to suspend your license.

Is an Attorney Always Needed for DUI Cases?

While you do have the right to defend yourself, an attorney will know your options and will protect your rights in court. Even if you think your infraction is a minor offense, a DUI attorney will help find options that you may not know existed.

Your Court Hearing

Expert Witnesses

First, the court will likely call on an expert witness to the stand. This person will be acquainted with the scientific aspects of a driving under the influence and will discuss what your mental state, physical state, and any blood tests revealed at the time of your arrest. Having an attorney will help protect inadmissible or improper evidence from being held against you from the prosecution’s expert witness. Your attorney may even choose to call on an expert witness to testify. However, expert witnesses are expensive. Calling on an observer witness who was present during your arrest is a much more affordable option.

Observer Witnesses

An observer witness might be able to testify that your rights were not respected by your arresting officers. For example, if an arresting officer failed to read your Miranda Rights, an observer witness could confirm this during their testimony. Or, if you were not exhibiting signs of intoxication, an observer witness will be able to confirm this in court.

Multiple Offenses

If this is not your first DUI offense, you need an attorney who will fight to protect your future. Repeated DUI charges are taken very serious by courts, and you’ll need every possible defense and option fighting your DUI.

Your Testimony

Your testimony is crucial because it is the only way for the court to hear about the events that lead up to your DUI arrest. In fact, it’s the only other version of the story that the court will hear besides what your arresting officers claimed happened. An attorney will help you decide if your testimony is beneficial for you case or if you should avoid taking the stand.

If you are arrested for any form of DUI, contact a defense attorney as soon as possible to fight for you future!

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