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Colorado Rockies First Baseman’s DUI

The Colorado Rockies’ first baseman, T.H. who was arrested for DUI in a Denver suburb for driving while under the influence of alcohol has publicly apologized for what he calls his “monumental ...

DWAI Charges in Colorado

Colorado is one of the states that employs a “driving while ability impaired” charge in regards to getting behind the wheel after the ingestion of alcohol and / or drugs.

DUI Driver’s License Suspensions and SR-22

If arrested and convicted of a DWAI or DUI offense, Colorado has automatic driver’s license suspension laws in place. The courts may impose criminal penalties for these offenses, while the Colorado ...

Ignition Interlock Devices and DUI

A DUI conviction is no laughing matter. It can result in very serious consequences affecting all aspects of your life, including your ability to drive yourself to and from a job if your driver’s ...
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