Lancaster Law Office LLC Articles Colorado Rockies First Baseman’s DUI

Colorado Rockies First Baseman’s DUI

By Lancaster Law Office LLC  Feb. 27, 2013 10:55a

The Colorado Rockies' first baseman, T.H. who was arrested for DUI in a Denver suburb for driving while under the influence of alcohol has publicly apologized for what he calls his "monumental mistake." The 39 year-old player was arrested early in February a few blocks from where he lives by local police after being seen driving in an erratic fashion. In his public statement, the athlete admitted to using "poor judgment" in getting behind the wheel of his truck after drinking. He is the latest in many DUI charges related to professional athletes in this country.

DUI charges in Colorado result in two processes, an administrative license suspension by the Colorado DMV and a criminal process in the courts. These processes are different and separate and neither has any bearing on the other. The administrative process will result in an automatic license suspension unless a hearing is requested within 7 days following an arrest. The criminal process generally takes longer. If convicted, a first-time offender faces potential penalties of 5 days up to one year in jail, $600 to $1,000 in fines, 48 to 96 hours of public service, and up to $500 in court fees and surcharges. Your license may be suspended for up to 9 months and 12 points assessed against your driving record. Repeat offenders face much more severe penalties.

Boulder DUI Lawyer

Getting the help of a dedicated DUI defense lawyer can make a difference in how your case turns out. If you do nothing, you have a huge chance of being convicted. With knowledgeable and focused legal attention, however, you may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed or walk away with less serious penalties. Finding the right lawyer is key; you will want a professional who routinely handles DUI defense in your local area.

At the Lancaster Law Office LLC, you will find a legal team that focuses on this field of law and who have the knowledge, experience, and commitment needed to make a difference. Each DUI case is thoroughly investigated and prepared, with your attorney analyzing the facts to find evidence which will lead to a viable defense. Don't let one mistake or lapse in judgment ruin your life. Get competent legal assistance by contacting the firm immediately following your arrest.

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